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If you have questions about your current digital marketing strategies, we will help you answer them.  We will look at everything from the optimization of your website to your social media presence, from your store’s unique branding to the tools used to drive traffic to your site.  In short, our team will look at your entire digital footprint, tell you what we would do differently and explain why.   We will also explain why the strategies and services we provide are different because we were Born in a Dealership®.

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No. 52 in the Nation

We Make the Power of Digital Work for You

Dave Wilson, CEO

Preston Ford is located 12 miles down a country road off a state highway in a town of 706 people.  In 2017, out of 3304 Ford dealers nationwide, it finished 52nd.  Digital marketing together with strong internal processes allowed a dealer in Small Town, USA to achieve results unthinkable before the digital age.  iFrog Digital Marketing began as the internal digital team for Preston Ford when it started its drive to be a Top 100 Ford Dealer in 2010.  We know how to make digital work for you.

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What Makes Us Different


Proven Results

iFrog has been the digital marketing arm of Preston Ford as it has risen through the ranks of Ford's Top 100 Dealers. Preston is located 12 miles down a country road from the nearest state highway. We know how to make digital work.


Continually Testing

iFrog tests all the marketing strategies and practices it recommends in the stores of the Preston Automotive Group before suggesting them to clients. No other digital agency has its own test track.


A Culture of Service

“To serve is to live,” Alan Mulally.
Dave Wilson has created a culture of service throughout his dealerships and in iFrog. In starting iFrog, Dave was inspired to serve other dealers the way he always wanted vendors to serve his dealerships.

Why It Matters That We Deliver a Service

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