What Works Best

We want you to become engaged.  Leading the Preston Automotive Group, Dave Wilson constantly pushes his team to be more engaged digitally.  He emphasizes that your digital lot is more important than your physical lot.  Whether traffic comes to you on foot, on the phone or in a lead, it began with an internet search.  We encourage all our clients to work us like the Preston Automotive Group does.   Be engaged.  Use all our services.  Get your monthly message out early.  Optimize your site.  Have fun!


Get Your Free Digital Footprint Audit

If you have questions about your current digital marketing strategies, we will help you answer them.  We will look at everything from the optimization of your website to your social media presence, from your store’s unique branding to the tools used to drive traffic to your site.  In short, our team will look at your entire digital footprint, tell you what we would do differently and explain why.   We will also explain why the strategies and services we provide are different because we were Born in a Dealership®.

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