“Every life transaction now begins with a search,” Michael Fertik, Founder and CEO of Reputation.com

Nothing illustrates the modern marketplace more than customers taking their complaints online. Maybe a member of your sales staff had a bad day or a good technician made a mistake or maybe the customer had unrealistic expectations. Whatever the reason, bad online reviews are inevitable, and they can shape how thousands of potential shoppers see your brand.

Your online reputation affects whether a potential buyer will choose you over a competitor or whether an existing client will service the car she purchased from you somewhere else. Your online reputation even affects your ability to recruit staff. There’s no denying it. A dealer must manage its public perception in the digital age.

We say “manage” for a reason. A dealer engages with its customers through its digital presence. Websites and social media accounts are as much the showroom and persona of your company as your building and employees. Your digital presence is your company having a public conversation with its customers. Managing that conversation means monitoring it, engaging with online reviews and generating content that promotes the image you want for your brand.

At iFrog Digital Marketing, we monitor reviews on your website and social media accounts daily. We not only monitor reviews on Facebook, Yelp and Google reviews, but we also monitor industry specific reviews sites such as Edmunds, DealerRater and Cars.com. In short, we cover all third-party publishers that matter to your business.

We then work with you to establish how active you want us to be in drafting responses. For positive reviews, we typically acknowledge the compliment and thank the customer for you. For negative responses, we bring the review to your attention and work with you to address it. If possible, we believe the best practice is to have someone from the dealership reach out to the customer and attempt to take the conversation offline. If the customer will not remove the review, we will draft and post a response for you.

Responding to all reviews, even positive reviews, in a timely fashion is critical. It lets your customers know that their opinion matters to you. In fact, we believe it is possible for a negative review to actually enhance your online reputation. A complaint that is politely explained or acknowledged with an apology humanizes your dealership and gives credibility to positive reviews.

iFrog Digital Marketing does this work for you. We also develop content for your websites and social sites that emphasizes your dealership’s community involvement, charity outreach and other factors that influence how the public sees your brand. We can also aggregate positive reviews from a variety of sources and display them on your website to ensure that the good things others are saying about you are emphasized.

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