“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” Milton Glaser

“We take information from clients and visually transmit it to their market in a way that is creative, eye-catching and easily understood.  Our goal is to grab the viewer’s attention and cause them to engage (click, call, submit a lead) with our client’s marketing message.  We are meticulous about the smallest details of our work and strive for creative perfection daily.  Our goal is to unify our clients’ marketing efforts by providing them with compelling and consistent branded images for all of their marketing channels.”  Shelby Loudon, Creative Director, iFrog Digital Marketing.

Quality graphic design is critical to digital marketing. OEMs realize it. Tier 1 digital advertising always contains fresh, compelling, clean digital artwork.  Your dealership is no different. It needs good creative. Not only do original graphics advance your store’s brand, separating it from the OEM and other stores in your region, but search engines recognize that your graphics are original and rank your website higher in organic search results.  Ideally, you want your store to place well in both the paid and organic search positions, as nearly 80 percent of internet users prefer to click on an organic search result.   

Good graphics also grab a shopper’s attention.  They make your call to action stand out.  They are the hook to your advertising message.  They become your brand.  Done poorly, they are ineffective and degrade your brand.  Good graphics matter.  

One way iFrog Digital Marketing distinguishes itself is through the quality and freshness of its graphics.  Second-rate agencies cut corners in many ways but always in graphic design. Our graphics team is passionate about visual storytelling. They hold brainstorming sessions to bounce ideas around.  They believe collaboration brings the best results.  Our designers have degrees in graphic design.  They stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and they are always learning new techniques.

Wondering if print advertising is dead? We think print advertising is still a necessary component of any automotive marketing campaign. After all, the best way to reach every corner of your target audience is to use as many marketing networks as possible.  We offer full print services and capabilities. They include point of sale materials, posters, flyers, vehicle wraps (installation not available), hang tags, banners, stickers, or anything that you want to be branded.  

Deeper Engagement

Compelling graphic artwork captures the shopper's attention and moves her down the sales funnel. It highlights your calls to action, specials and services.

Branding Across Channels

Your brand is communicated through graphics. Branding goes beyond an individual logo and applies to the look and feel that permeates all of your messaging and across all channels.

Emotional Connection

Great graphics are a form of visual storytelling. They connect you to your shoppers viscerally and emotionally. The result is a deeper engagement. Bad graphics do the opposite.

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