“That’s a shotgun. We want a rifle.” 

This is how a Marketing Director for a large automotive group explained why he had reallocated most of his budget away from traditional to digital.

Our email campaigns certainly fit this description. At iFrog Digital Marketing, we create targeted and effective email campaigns for your dealership. In designing a campaign, we have several goals in mind. The primary goal is to hit sales or service objectives. But we have other goals as well.

We want to engage your customers with relevant content and provide them with compelling graphics. Even if a customer does not respond to a service campaign, for example, she is less likely to unsubscribe if the email is relevant to her and conveys a feeling of quality. Relevance and quality graphics also reinforce the value of your brand, and she is more likely to read emails from your dealership in the future as a result. We see these secondary goals as critical to your overall strategic marketing.

Poorly executed email campaigns have the opposite effect. They are less likely to be effective at hitting sales and service goals. They annoy your customers and degrade your brand. In the end, a poorly run campaign will have lower click-through rates and higher unsubscribe rates.

Executing a quality email campaign involves talent from several teams. You and your account manager will design a campaign. Afterward, we obtain a segmented list of customers who fit the marketing criteria. Our content writers draft the text of the email, which often undergoes several revisions as it passes through our quality assurance process. Our graphics team creates high quality, original images to illustrate the content and reinforce the theme of the campaign. For some campaigns, we also create landing pages on your website with additional text and images.

After the email has cleared compliance, our coders take control of the process. Their initial focus is to ensure that the email and graphics render properly on desktops, tablets, and phones and across multiple “email clients.” An “email client” downloads messages from the server for local use. They include Gmail, Google Android, Outlook, Apple Mail, Apple iPhone, Yahoo! Mail, Thunderbird and many more.

Email clients decide how to interpret or when to remove code from an email. If your email is not coded to render properly with an email client, only part of the email might be seen or it could display poorly. Our coders keep abreast of industry standards and know email client solutions. They also work with cutting-edge trends and work on specific solutions themselves.

Our coders test every email campaign we run across multiple email clients and devices to ensure that the email renders as we designed it. They also ensure proper list segmentation and work to ensure that the email is not identified as spam. Not surprisingly, we are currently beating the industry average when it comes to email open and click-through rates!

At the end of a campaign, we let you know which customers were engaged, identify bad email address and provide a list of customers who unsubscribed.

We will leave you with a statistic:  Desktop represents 17% of all email opens, webmail 36% and mobile 47%, according to emailmonday, in “The ultimate mobile email statistics overview.”  If your internal team or outside vendor is not coding your emails to render properly in mobile devices, your email campaigns are ineffective.

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Targeted Audience

We create targeted email campaigns. This way, the message is relevant, your customers are not being spammed and sales and service goals are met.

Compelling Images and Content

Our content writers and graphic artists design your emails. The artwork and messaging increase brand awareness giving us a high click-through and low unsubscribe rates.

OEM Compliant

Our team ensures that the emails are OEM compliant, enabling you to obtain co-op dollars when allowed.

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