Display advertising refers to the process that places banner ads in locations supporting this form of advertising.  While paid search advertising ensures that textual ads for your website appear on a search engine result pages, display ads are typically graphic ads that appear on websites, mobile apps, YouTube videos, Gmail and in other locations in the display network.  Retargeting is a type of display advertising.  Display advertising can capture a shopper’s attention early in the buying cycle or, with retargeting, much further into the cycle.

At iFrog, we use display networks to show your ads in locations all across the web.  We have multiple ways of placing and targeting your ads to create awareness for your brand, drive traffic to your website, and generate leads.  By using display networks, we are able to put your brand in front of a large number of people as they check the news, weather, or their favorite sports team online.

Our targeting methods deliver your ads to a select audience.  If you’ve ever bought a newspaper ad, you essentially bought access to the number of people who subscribe to that paper with the hopes that a decent percentage of readers who see your ad would be in market for a vehicle.  Display advertising allows you to become granular in selecting an audience. Dave Wilson was initially drawn to digital over traditional because of its ability to track consumer behavior:  “I love digital marketing because unlike traditional marketing can track what your customers are doing. You can target in-market shoppers.”

We take targeting to the next step.  We use advanced targeting techniques that help you find more customers by using online searching behaviors, geography characteristics, and other demographic targeting. We can also build a custom audience segment based on the customer data in your CRM.  We then customize our message to your audience so that they are more likely to engage with your ad and purchase from you.

Display advertising also plays to one of our strengths.  We believe that we have the strongest graphic art department of any digital marketing agency serving the automobile industry.  More than any other form of digital advertising, display advertising relies on good graphics.   Text ads in display advertising have much lower click-through rates.  Thus, at iFrog, we create eye-grabbing display ads with enticing ad copy and strong call-to-actions, and we place them only in front of the audiences who are in-market for the products and services you have to offer.

We also take full advantage of retargeting.  By placing tracking code on your website, we are able to collect audiences of people who visited your site.  We then target these audiences with compelling graphics featuring the latest incentives and offers you have available.  We entice them to come back and take another look.  These ads have a much higher click-through rate than other forms of display advertising.  They are an excellent way of creating a sense of urgency and promoting your current sales event.  When we collect these audiences, we are able to segment them based on where they went on your site.  Segmentation allows us to serve them with ads that are most relevant to them based on what they previously viewed on your website.

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Graphics Increase ROI

With display advertising and retargeting, a strong visual message increases click through rates. We have the best graphics department around and use it to our clients' advantage.

Focus, Focus, Focus

We increase ROI in display adverting by using advanced targeting techniques and building a custom audience based on your data.

Strategic Use of Retargeting

We target shoppers who have been on your site with compelling graphic ads featuring your latest incentives and offers. We entice them to come back for another look.

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