Are your sales numbers failing to reach the goals you set?  When it comes to generating more vehicle sales and service revenue, we believe the most important factor in the process is your marketing reach and message.  We do not say this simply as a digital advertising agency.  We say this as a digital advertising agency that began in a top-selling dealership.  Your iFrog team will work to plan and execute a completely customized marketing message that will set you apart from the competition.  

We understand the automotive industry and know the the marketing tendencies of every manufacturer.  Your customized marketing message will be planned out ahead of time and coincide with the messages and incentives available from your manufacturer.  Our planning and preparation allows you to get a running start to every sales event.  

Using your website, social pages, and a variety of advertising platforms, we’ll turn your overall online presence into a digital showroom where every day is a sales event.  Our phenomenal graphic design team will be at your disposal to design any print advertising and showroom materials you may need to provide a consistent look to your sales message across all mediums.  We make it a priority to ensure your brand and message is recognized whether it is seen online, in print advertising, on TV or the radio.  All assets will be used to create familiarity and exposure of your brand to the people who are in market for your vehicles.

At iFrog Digital Marketing we come to you with innovative ideas backed by strong data to guide you to the best possible marketing message for your dealership.  We will work closely with you to confirm that all of your needs are being met, and present your results and options to you in a quick and easy to understand format.  Our goal is to allow you to make quick, well-informed decisions.  Then you can get back to the front lines moving metal and servicing vehicles, and rest assured that we are handling the rest.

Work with us today and we can roll out a marketing strategy that will put you ahead of the competition.

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If you have questions about your current digital marketing strategies, we will help you answer them.  We will look at everything from the optimization of your website to your social media presence, from your store’s unique branding to the tools used to drive traffic to your site.  In short, our team will look at your entire digital footprint, tell you what we would do differently and explain why.   We will also explain why the strategies and services we provide are different because we were Born in a Dealership®.

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