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iFrog Joins In As Talbot Goes Purple!

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If you have visited our website this month, you might have noticed that part of the iFrog Digital Marketing logo — including our iconic frog — is now purple. That is because we are proud to say we fully support the efforts of the Talbot Goes Purple project. This national project runs through September across much of Maryland's Eastern Shore, and signals a commitment to stand up against all manners of substance abuse. Led by the Talbot County Sheriff's Office and the Tidewater Rotary Club, the Talbot Goes Purple project uses donations and support from various organizations to spread community-wide awareness about the epidemic that is substance abuse, especially among our local youths. That awareness is achieved through walks, informative "purple clubs" in our schools, various community discussions, and much more.

Naturally, we at iFrog want to show our commitment to the Talbot Goes Purple project and its fantastic cause. That is why we have decorated our office building located at 101 Bay St. near downtown Easton with purple lights that glow at night and also have updated our website. It is our belief that by working together, we can remove the stigma associated with substance abuse, while also encouraging our community to increase knowledge and understanding. We wish to promote more empathy for those affected by addiction and help them get the aid they deserve. For more information or to learn how you can help the Talbot Goes Purple project, visit or find it on Facebook. Join iFrog Digital Marketing in Going Purple today!

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