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iFrog Digital Marketing Introduces New CEO From Ford Agency

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Exciting news for iFrog!

EASTON, Md., Sept. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- iFrog Digital Marketing recently announced that Keith T. Tomatore (K.T.) has become its new Chief Executive Officer. Tomatore, who was appointed by Chairman David H. Wilson, has assumed day-to-day leadership of the Easton-based company, and will also serve on iFrog's Board of Directors. Tomatore is a digital marketing veteran and possesses a wealth of experience, including holding the post as senior vice president for GTB (formerly Team Detroit) since 2012. He also developed numerous Dealer War Rooms for the Ford Dealer Advertising Fund Associations, along with being a crucial leader of Precision Retail Marketing and helping dealers improve their own digital marketing efforts.

"We've made meaningful progress toward our top company priorities," Wilson said. "The last year has been a period of hyper growth (for iFrog), coupled with successful refinements in our offerings. The Board and I are confident that Keith is the right person to build on this momentum, as he is a seasoned leader with operating at scale and delivering value to stake holders, employees, and clients."

Before joining GTB, Tomatore held leadership positions with a handful of smaller digital marketing companies to help them with business operations, sales generations, and operating at scale. He also worked at Washington Post Newsweek Interactive, where he spent 11 years as the Vice President of Operations running the business operations of their digital properties: Washington Post (, Newsweek (, Slate (, and Budget Travel (

"We are beyond proud to have K.T. at the helm of our company during this period of growth," iFrog COO Brent Durham said. "We believe that his expertise and dedication to excellence will be a huge benefit to our daily operations and plans for future expansion."

"We are very excited to have him assume my position as CEO," Wilson said.

iFrog Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency located at 101 Bay Street Easton, MD 21601. For more information, call 410-673-8278 or visit


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