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Huge Change in FCA Certified Paid Search Providers for Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealers

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Effective May 1, 2019, FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) decided for their dealers to use certified paid search partners to accelerate the adoption of Micro-Moments in FCA’s paid search strategy. iFrog Digital Marketing has become a certified partner to continue to serve its clients that operate Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram stores. The certification not only means that we meet the standards of FCA advertising requirements but also that we are knowledgeable in promoting the Micro-Moments strategy for tier 3 paid search.

In 2015, after looking at its data, Google discovered five moments that car buyers experience when they turn to digital to help them decide which vehicle they intend to purchase or lease. For automotive, these Micro-Moments are: 1) Which car is best?  2) Is it right for me? 3) Can I afford it? 4) Where should I buy it? 5) And am I getting a deal?

iFrog has used Micro-Moments in its digital strategy since Google identified them in 2015.  For us, the strategy behind Micro-Moments is simple. The marketing we provide should compliment the behavior of car buyers when they are shopping.  To do this, our ads, banners, social media posts and other marketing assets answer the questions that Google determined shoppers are asking. If a shopper wants to know, for example, whether she is getting a deal, our ads and online messaging will tell her that she is!Automotive Micro Moments

We also seek to deliver this information quickly and easily for the shopper.  Our belief is that a shopper should never be more than a couple of clicks away from an answer to any of the “Ready to Buy” Micro-Moments that FCA correctly identifies as important.  

Leveraging an FCA certified provider will help you drive more quality traffic to your website.  This is especially true with iFrog. Not only do our strategies exploit Google’s Micro-Moments, we also use an integrated omnichannel advertising strategy.  We dig into your market, determine which channels you should be using and then push an integrated message through each channel. We will also work with you to ensure that your traditional marketing messages are seamlessly integrated into the messages we are crafting for your digital channels.  

Finally, using an FCA certified paid search provider will continue the eligibility for 100% reimbursement through PAP base and bonus funds. Paid search is an extremely beneficial advertising channel when used effectively.

Please reach out to Brent Durham, our Chief Operating Officer, for more information on driving quality traffic to your websites through omnichannel advertising strategies. He can be reached at or call 410.673.8278.

“We are extremely excited to be part of the FCA certified providers program,” says Brent Durham. “We look forward to not only enhancing the marketing strategies of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram dealers but also to be able to help give FCA more insight on what is working for our FCA clients.”  

As technologies emerge and new marketing strategies emerge, iFrog is consistently working for our clients to obtain better ROI. Whether it's partnering with a manufacturer or individual business entity, our goal is to do what’s best for our clients.

About iFrog Digital Marketing:

iFrog Digital Marketing is an automotive marketing company that specializes in digital media. Born in a DealershipⓇ, the company came from Preston Automotive Group in Delaware and Maryland. Learning both the automotive business from the ground level of the showroom and mastering automotive digital marketing from the inside, iFrog is setting new standards and driving change for their clients nationwide. As true automotive marketing disruptors, iFrog believes in the foundations of serving its clients, continuously improving, and elimination of marketing “silos,” problems which have run rampant in tier 3 advertising.

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