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Quick Tips July 06, 2020
Captain’s Blog: Chapter 14

Public speaking is one of the most frightening things for many people.  I remember as a college student, my communications professor told our class that folks were more scared of public speaking than death.  At my last job, we had monthly Ford Dealer Association meetings with automotive dealers as well as monthly dealer war rooms.  […]

Quick Tips May 26, 2020
Captain’s Blog: Chapter 8 – Covid 19 & Messaging

As we go through the 11th week of COVID-19, I thought I would detail how iFrog is thinking about messaging for our clients.  It is so important for today’s marketing solutions companies to help steer clients through this pandemic and help them position their brand for success throughout the process. You’ve heard of solving for […]

Industry News March 22, 2019
Average Position Getting The Boot From Google

Google announced recently that the average position metric will be taken out of the Google Ads platform soon.  The metric, which reflects where an ad appears compared to other ads in the same auction, is scheduled to sunset in September of this year.  When announcing the coming departure of this commonly used metric, Google pointed […]

Quick Tips February 28, 2018
How to Make the Most of Your Dealership Advertising Budget?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn… Chances are, your employees use these social networks every day

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