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Guest Blog May 04, 2020
People Matter. Are you in the relationship building business?

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend a leadership session with Walter Bond, former NBA player turned motivational speaker.  He has written the motivational book titled Swim, has well-known customers such as Accenture, Jersey Mike’s, Ameriprise, and speaks at nearly 100 events/conventions yearly.  In this leadership session, he outlined his playbook that contributes to […]

Guest Blog April 24, 2020
Reflections – Humble Beginnings to Marketing Technology

I started my career in digital marketing with Dave Wilson Sr. at Preston Automotive Group in Delaware and Maryland.  Coming off the great recession that began in October 2008, Preston Automotive Group shifted focus to digital marketing from traditional advertising.  A few months before receiving my master’s degree in 2011, Dave reached out to me […]


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