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Captains Blog May 21, 2020
Captain’s Blog: Chapter 7

Just the other day, I found myself reflecting on the “Business Decision Maker Audience.” The sound of those words brings back such great memories. For many years, I ran the digital business operations for Washington Post, Newsweek, Slate, and Budget Travel. It was actually a wonderful time! I was able to be one of the early pioneers […]

Captains Blog May 12, 2020
Captain’s Blog: Chapter 6

Why is iFrog building out a single technology stack and what advantage does that provide to clients?   This is a question I am often asked.  The main reason technology is critical to marketing today is the consumer experience.  Our clients need marketing that is relevant to a qualified consumer at the right time during their […]

Captains Blog May 01, 2020
Captain’s Blog: Chapter 5

Leadership – A simple word, but one of the most important elements in any business, team, organization, or church. Leadership is often misunderstood. At one point in my career, at a major publishing company, I was told that “leadership is not substantive.” I could not disagree more and have seen firsthand the destruction that bad leadership […]

Captains Blog April 24, 2020
Captain’s Blog: Chapter 4

We are in week 6 of the COVID-19 quarantine.  I realize that when this is over there will ultimately be a new normal.  It’s inevitable.  Let’s discuss four areas that will change and undoubtedly never be the same going forward. Payment – On a recent trip last Thanksgiving to Europe, I was shocked at how […]

Captains Blog April 20, 2020
Captain’s Blog: Chapter 3

For today’s blog topic, I go back to sitting in Marketing 101 on my first day of business school. Yes. It was before the Internet in the mid-80’s but the lesson still applies today. The goal of marketing is to get the right message to the right person at the right time. That fundamental objective […]

Captains Blog April 14, 2020
Captain’s Blog: Chapter 2

After one successful blog post I am starting to settle into this nicely. Today I decided that I would provide a few tips and tricks for paid media, which is an important channel in the majority of campaigns and which always benefits from a little extra attention. Knowing the difference between EXACT MATCH and BROAD […]

Captains Blog April 08, 2020
Captain’s Blog: Chapter 1

I have been at the helm of iFrog for just seven months when our world changed because of an invisible enemy – the COVID-19 virus. Today, iFrog is an entirely remote operation working 24/7 for our clients. One thing is for certain during this time of crisis; digital marketing is more important than ever. We […]


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