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Why is iFrog building out a single technology stack and what advantage does that provide to clients?  

This is a question I am often asked.  The main reason technology is critical to marketing today is the consumer experience.  Our clients need marketing that is relevant to a qualified consumer at the right time during their shopping process.  While the age-old funnel still has some merit in terms of awareness, consideration and purchase, the vast amount of online shopping activities available to inform the consumer changes the research process greatly.

First off, just having technology makes a difference.  Without technology, by the time your client’s message gets to the consumer, it is likely too late.  Without technology and data, it would almost certainly be the wrong consumer and even if it were the correct consumer, it would likely be the wrong message.  This is not to mention the lack of efficiency in having everything done manually would render your organization obsolete before too long.

marketing technology stack is a grouping of technologies that marketers leverage to conduct and improve their marketing activities. Often, the focus of marketing technologies (aka "martech") is to make difficult processes easier and to measure the impact of marketing activities, which ultimately drives more efficient spending.

The other difference in today’s world is the many different types of data available to us.  This data gives marketers the ability to build out discrete audiences that are qualified by actions and/or preferences as potential clients for their products and services.
Simply put, the benefits of connecting an array of apps via validated APIs in a single tech stack are as follows:

  • Agility.  Marketing teams can easily integrate and exchange relevant marketing data and quickly create meaningful campaigns.
  • Efficiency.  Far more efficient use of the infrastructure. Teams will be able to select only the apps needed in their marketing objectives.  The actual marketing channels will also be seamless in moving between channels.
  • Increased integration.  Much more uptime in creating marketing solutions that generate improved ROI on media spends.
  •  Revenue.  Faster marketing, machine learning and better ROI on client media spends will produce increased revenue opportunities.

Technology stacks follow the same format as good teams.  All teammates must be integrated in one system and all tasks assigned and completed as part of the same system.  The technology components must all talk to each other at all times and the objective is always to produce better, more efficient marketing for our clients.  That is exactly what the iFrog technology stack does and what all good technology stacks should be producing.


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