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Captain’s Blog: Chapter 3

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For today’s blog topic, I go back to sitting in Marketing 101 on my first day of business school. Yes. It was before the Internet in the mid-80's but the lesson still applies today. The goal of marketing is to get the right message to the right person at the right time. That fundamental objective of marketing is as relevant today as it was in 1984.

Today, we have all kinds of technology and data that helps us with our marketing so that we are more precise with less waste than ever before. Precision marketing in a way has become a central theme of most good agencies and marketing solution companies that are wanting to give clients an increased ROI.

Now, take all this with a grain of salt because what I am seeing on Facebook from many folks is posting their high school yearbook pictures from their senior year. The thought is to make those young high school seniors in 2020 feel better about themselves given their senior year has abruptly ended by the COVID-19 virus. While the intent here is truly innocent with the best of intentions, the reality is it misses the point completely.

First off, the high school seniors in the graduating class of 2020 don’t want to see a bunch of middle-aged folks’ high school yearbook pics of yesterday. They are missing their proms, graduation, school plays, sports seasons, honor society receptions, and mostly their friends. Many will be leaving home for college or the military. These precious months may be the last time they see each other for a while. So, while the intent of middle-aged folks posting their high school senior pictures is awesome, the message seems to be off.

Secondly, most of the younger folks in high school don’t really use Facebook. They are much more likely to be on Snapchat and Tik Tok. With that said, this fails in the “right person” piece of the original marketing lesson since the majority of our young adults are not on Facebook.

Lastly, the whole “right time” is also a miss. I am not certain how looking at older folks’ high school yearbook pictures are going to help soothe the feelings of anxiety about the virus and the emptiness of being away from friends at this inflection point in the lives of our young people. Often, the transition between high school and beyond begins a new chapter in their lives. It is highly personal and unique to that person.

While I think the folks posting pictures of their own high school yearbooks are well-intentioned, it made me realize that when applied to the marketing standard of “right person, right message, right time,“ it falls short.

At iFrog Digital Marketing, we are making certain each of our marketing efforts, regardless of channel or objective, conform to “right person, right message, right time.”

  • We find the right consumer and serve up an appropriate message at the optimal time.

Our iFrog technology stack helps speed up this process and eliminate waste, but the objective hasn’t changed a bit since my first Marketing 101 lesson in business school all those years ago.

Have a great day! Stay safe and be a pirate! #ifrogmarketing, #pirates, #borninadealership. As always, please don’t hesitate to hit me up 24/7 if you need anything at

Keith Tomatore

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