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Captain’s Blog: Chapter 11

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Late last week, I was interviewed with my friend, Dave Wilson, for an Automotive News article.  The topic of the conversation was advertising during COVID-19 and how we handled marketing around this pandemic for our clients and consumers. 

At iFrog, we spent time talking to each of our clients and making certain that we understood how the COVID-19 crisis was impacting their business and how we could help.  We then established a messaging grid for their business that was built around Pause, Caution and Go which highlights online marketing spend levels, specific channel messages as well as key considerations and strategic implications.  Our goal was to have each of our clients conserving some of their financial war chest so that they would be ready to go with increased marketing levels as soon as the pandemic subsided. We also consistently talked to our clients 24/7 as their business needs changed with the evolving pandemic. 

At iFrog, even though we are powered by some of the best A.I. and machine learning, we serve each client as an individual.  Nothing demonstrates that more than our creative approach.  Many of our clients wanted to showcase that their retail stores were clean and safe.  Employees were shown cleaning, wearing masks and creating shopping environments that were about safety first and foremost. Also, in the early days of the pandemic, many clients in heavily impacted states shifted their focus from sales to service.  We highlighted clean and safe service centers, mobile service operations and a completely different service process.

Once states started re-opening, we worked with our clients to strengthen their online marketing presence and used our technology to help them get a sustainable competitive advantage in their PMA.  In terms of creative, we believed in transparency and showcasing not just the wonderful products, but also the experience of shopping at that establishment.  We wanted their customers to know the extra steps taken to ensure their safety.

I was asked whether we would encourage our clients to create videos showing staff with face masks or without.  Great question, but in my mind, it revolves less around us encouraging the use of face masks or not and instead advising each client as to what is best for their business.  Some states were hit very hard with COVID-19 and in those cases, it may make sense to telegraph a very safe shopping environment and a different process that embraces more social distancing.  In other states, I can see more of a business as usual stance.  The end result is discussing messaging, creative and approach with each client to ensure that we are doing the right things for each particular client.

At iFrog, we sit at the intersection of marketing and technology.  However, we never let technology be a substitute for great marketing and service.  Technology allows our marketing to be on steroids and we have solutions that increase efficiency, increase media ROI, increase innovation, and ultimately help our clients run their business better.  However, nothing is more important than service to clients.  At iFrog, we are committed to client success and those are the business outcomes we strive for and will continue to strive for always.

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Be a pirate, have a great day and continue driving forward with a service mentality rooted in business outcomes!   #ifrogmarketing, #ifrogtechnology, #pirates, #PiratesForChange


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