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Captain’s Blog: Chapter 1

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I have been at the helm of iFrog for just seven months when our world changed because of an invisible enemy - the COVID-19 virus.

Today, iFrog is an entirely remote operation working 24/7 for our clients. One thing is for certain during this time of crisis; digital marketing is more important than ever. We found that while shopping activity in showrooms is reduced because of social distancing, e-commerce is showing increased quality of web traffic. In fact, it seems that digital shopping activities are still as strong as ever.

Yes, clients want to be present for consumers who are shopping digitally and many of them are shifting their messaging towards brand awareness. At the same time, it is a good idea to pull back on some of the traditional marketing at least until we begin the recovery and uptick later this spring. It is important for consumers to know that local businesses are here for them; helping them with their research and shopping, not abandoning them during tough times. There is a reward for consistency and being present is a big part of that so we are advising clients to continue with digital marketing and a smart pretense will be rewarded upon recovery.

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The iFrog team is busy serving our clients 24/7, helping them with actionable business and market insights, changing messaging to consumers. I, personally, have never in my career been more proud of a group of people who are so committed to client success. At the same time, I have been providing the iFrog pirate ship all the friendship, love and support possible. I set out with a vision to disrupt the marketplace and for iFrog to sit at the intersection of marketing and technology. So I, too, have been busy at a time when the economy is hurting and companies are seeing their revenues fall off dramatically in many cases. I felt there was no better time for me to double down on my commitment to transform iFrog from a service company to a full-fledged marketing technology company. This new approach for iFrog is powered by iFrog Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Our marketing solutions will be powered by consumer preferences and behavior as well as market trends. Our clients will see performance improvements of 20-70% at a minimum and over time I believe much more. Understanding our client’s business and providing them substantially more ROI seemed like the perfect approach to these difficult times.

So this time is an inflection point for iFrog, we can either continue with the current products and approach or truly live our mission of "Our mission is to disrupt the industry with proven marketing solutions and provide our partners with a sustainable competitive advantage.” We chose to live our mission and create marketing technology solutions that will help our clients run their businesses and provide them with a sustainable competitive advantage. Some of this technology is already in place and working hard for clients and more is added on a consistent basis.

Our mission is to disrupt the industry with proven marketing solutions and provide our partners with a sustainable competitive advantage.

At iFrog nothing is more important than our clients; so we will continue with our world-class service and now we will have world-class iFrog marketing technology behind every one of our marketing solutions. We will have an entire proprietary iFrog product suite and we will be providing iFrog clients with the most innovative marketing solutions on the planet. Needless to say our clients are partners and we are completely invested in their success.

Starting this year, once we have been freed of quarantines and social distancing, I will be speaking around the country about our marketing technology solutions. I will also host an online video show where you all can view our latest developments and participate in live chats. Lastly, I will be writing this blog and featuring a variety of our marketing products and go into best practices and tips for success. So please stay safe, all the best to your friends and family and I will be writing again very soon.

Keith Tomatore
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