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Captain’s Blog 9: George Floyd

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Given the events that are dominating the news today, I felt compelled to write something around the avoidable tragedy that took the life of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week.  It is disheartening that in 2020 we are still having these conversations.  There is simply zero excuse for what happened to Mr. Floyd.  I realize that the police officer who acted out against him was arrested, which is a start.  I do think that the other three officers who did nothing to intervene should also be charged.  Police officers have a tough job and I understand they likely take more abuse than they should have to take.  However, it is their mission and job to protect ALL citizens and be the group that ALL people can turn to and believe in for support and protection.

I like to think that since I feel all people are equal and should be treated as such that everyone shares that same belief.  It would be foolish to think that way because one of my best friends is an African American in the town where I live and he has been bothered by police for just jogging in our neighborhood and has to carry his ID when exercising because an officer can stop and ask for his ID at any time.  While I can’t possibly understand exactly how my friend feels, I do see the hurt in his face each time he explains to me the latest incident and there have just been too many of these incidents.  It is wrong and needs to stop.

I don’t believe the looting, violence and setting things on fire does anything, but lessen the power of the peaceful movement toward equality.  Those folks creating unrest and putting folks in danger and hurting small businesses, I will never support.  They are another part of the problem that continues to set us back in our quest for equality as people.  I often think about what I can do to help this important cause.  First off, I will stand united in peaceful protest with my brothers and sisters in demanding equality for all people right now.

At iFrog, we are a company that values equality and diversity.  We treat all of our employees with respect and dignity and we value all of our clients immensely.  There are few things in life that I have zero tolerance for and not treating somebody with personal human dignity is one of those things.  As a company, we stand united with George Floyd and the countless others who have lost their lives at the hands of senseless brutality and racist actions. 

At iFrog, our commitment to equality and diversity will continue.  We have a team of pirates that consists of a diverse group of people creating marketing solutions that create a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients.  It is for our employees and our commitment to social justice for everyone that we will be taking the following actions:

  • The 3 flags at the iFrog headquarters will be at half mast for the month of June 2020 so that we can properly recognize and respect George Floyd and all the other folks who have been killed by police brutality or other racist actions resulting in harm.
  • We will offer inclusion classes to all of our employees so they can learn and study other cultures and histories.  This will make certain our pirate team is educated in differences that actually make us stronger together.
  • We will be giving our team time off so that they can attend a peaceful protest if they choose.  This way our pirates can participate in a peaceful solution to change.

At iFrog, we embrace the disruption of an industry with marketing technology that will give our clients a sustainable competitive advantage.  And, we do that firmly believing that together we are all better.

Keith Tomatore

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