Born in a Dealership®

Dave Wilson recognized the power of digital marketing early.  By 2007, he had begun shifting ad budgets and marketing strategies heavily toward digital.  By 2010, Preston Ford, in a town of 706 people, had become a Top 100 Ford Dealer.  By 2017, it was No. 52 in the nation. Digital marketing and strong internal processes allowed a dealer in Small Town, USA to achieve results unthinkable before the digital age.

In 2013, Dave decided to start iFrog.  He began with the marketing team that helped Preston Ford become a Top 100 Dealer.  Each member of this team had worked in variable ops, and Dave continued to recruit digital talent from the showroom.  “Born in a Dealership”® is not a slogan.  It reflects iFrog’s belief that the best digital marketing solutions have their origin in the dealership — not in an ad agency, not in a company that builds websites, and not in the OEM.

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What Drives Us

“To serve is to live,” Alan Mulally.  Dave Wilson has this quote on the wall in the “Mulally Room” in the garage where he stores a few vintage Fords.  This quote captures the essence of Dave.  As a dealer principal, Dave has always been driven to serve his customers and, as his business grew, his community.   Dave emphasizes service constantly, daily.  Anyone who knows Dave knows this.

As Dave’s internal digital marketing team grew stronger year after year, Dave saw the opportunity to serve other dealers in a unique way.  Because he had dealt with automotive vendors since the late 70s, Dave knew that he understood the needs of dealers like no other vendor ever could and he knew he could deliver a digital marketing package for dealers second to none.  At iFrog our passion is to serve our clients and share our expertise with them to help them grow.  It’s what drives us.

Are We a Good Fit?

Engagement is the secret to success.  iFrog employs account managers, graphic artists, content writers, coders and experts in digital advertising, social media, and co-op and compliance.  When asked, we also offer consulting services for lead management processes at no additional charge.   Even if you are a single rooftop, a team of individuals will work for you each and every month.  While we do the heavy lifting, we still need you!  We work best with partners who, like us, naturally want to roll up their sleeves and start making things better.


Our team wants to create a sense of excitement in our clients. We want our passion to be contagious, because we know that engagement always produces better results.

Get Your Free Digital Footprint Audit

If you have questions about your current digital marketing strategies, we will help you answer them.  We will look at everything from the optimization of your website to your social media presence, from your store’s unique branding to the tools used to drive traffic to your site.  In short, our team will look at your entire digital footprint, tell you what we would do differently and explain why.   We will also explain why the strategies and services we provide are different because we were Born in a Dealership®.

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