Brent Durham

Brent Durham Brent Durham Brent Durham Brent Durham Brent Durham
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Brent was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Delaware and Maryland. With over 10 years of automotive experience, it began with attending Northwood University in 2004. He gained experience as a sales consultant, finance manager, and fixed ops internal manager for various dealerships on the East Coast of the US.

In 2009, he began his digital marketing career in the automotive industry. While with Preston Automotive Group he learned from automotive digital marketing agencies, while being mentored by top automotive advertising professionals. After acquiring his MBA in International Business from ODU in 2013, he came back to Preston Automotive Group and brought all digital marketing in-house.

Outside from the automotive industry, Brent is an active member with his local community, working with various groups and charities. He loves to travel around the world, learning new ideas, and surfing is his ideal interest to do in his spare time (although we think he just likes long walks on the beach).

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