Why Should I Use a Digital Media Agency?

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 00:00
Why Should I Use a Digital Media Agency?

Blog2You hear the talk within our industry as well as hear it about others. “If you are not taking advantage of the opportunities presented by ‘Digital Media’ you are losing out”. This has been proven numerous times and in numerous ways through surveys and statistics showing your customers are doing their research not only about your products or services but about your particular business online. They are doing this research before you even know they have an interest. Therefore, if you do not have a Digital Media Strategy already in place when they show up, it’s tough to catch up on the spot. Unfortunately, in many cases they have already begun a relationship with the business that was ready to help them through that investigative process. Opportunity lost, period.

Business owners tell us all the time that it is hard for them to devote full time employees to develop and execute their digital media campaigns due to uncertain ROI. That is a valid conversation. It is also why we do it for them. Digital Media is not just about Social Sites, it is about designing Sales Campaigns from a Social Perspective. Instead of yelling your message at your customers, you educate them. First with awareness, suggestions, and proof of your expertise in their area of need. Rather than relying solely on Social Sites to accomplish this, you should start with your website, carefully consider and track the effectiveness of your keywords, test the crawlability of your site by Google and other search engines, and many other factors. That really is the reason to hire a Digital Media Company to handle your Online Marketing Campaigns. It just isn’t cost effective for most dealers to handle all this “in house”.

Believe it or not, not doing anything with your Digital Identity is better than doing it wrong.  When dealers send messages that are inconsistent, unprofessional or create any other generally negative impression, it is very hard to fix. Digital Media only compounds your mistakes due to its ability to easily reach so many people, so very quickly.

When you look at the sales process your salespeople use to sell cars you can see the logic to it. You know certain steps have to be taken (and taken correctly) to close that sale at a profit. Digital Media is no different. It is just another strategy to attract customers and close sales, and it is just as important as the strategy you are using on your sales floor.

So, the only question is; do you actually have a Digital Strategy in place that effectively leads prospects to your store? If not, we can help!

iFrog Digital Marketing offers Reputation Management strategy and training for you and your staff. Let us show you why the lack of a cohesive Digital Strategy is the #1 problem overlooked by Dealerships.

-Steve Hills | iFrog Digital Marketing

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