What is Content Writing?

Wednesday, 15 April 2015 00:00
What is Content Writing?

what is content writingContent writing can be a bit of a mysterious and vague concept. However, it is something that will help out every aspect of your business – large or small. 

Content writing can be any type of writing on the web including company blogs, e-zines, landing page content and more! It’s all beneficial to your business for several reasons that we’ve highlighted for you. 

First of all, if well written, it will create valuable content that readers enjoy reading. Of that content, only a small percentage should be trying to directly ‘push product’ or sell something, but all of it should be interesting and informative content about your industry. If you have content that your readers get something of value from, then they will come back and read more from your blog or whatever platform it may be. Acquiring a following is one of the goals of content writing – besides guiding customers to your products of course. If you decide to have iFrog Digital Marketing take over your content writing, our writers will work tirelessly for you and your brand to drive sales and customers your way!

Secondly, content writing helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A good content writing team like iFrog Digital Marketing will not only make sure the content is fresh, but will optimize each blog, landing page, etc. for specific keywords. This will help google understand what the page is about as well as have it rank higher when searched for by customers. There are several parts of a write-up that are crucial to get perfect. The hyperlinks, keyword, sub-heading, and main heading are just a few of the main focal points. For example, any type of writing needs to have a great headline because the headline is what will pull the reader in and ultimately get them to click on the link. We understand all that needs to be done to optimize writing for your dealership, so let us help you.

As you can see, content writing is made up of a lot of various components that you as a business owner may not have been thinking about previously. However, content writing is extremely vital to your SEO and your overall consumer reach. We can write amazing content for you, just give us a shot to earn your business!


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