What Happens on the Internet Every Minute?

Tuesday, 20 October 2015 00:00
What Happens on the Internet Every Minute?

every minute on the internetThe Internet is a conundrum. It's difficult to understand. Thankfully only a select number of people really have to know how it works for the rest of us to be happy.

Every minute of every day, dizzying amounts of data are being generated and shared by consumers. Making sense of all this data is critical for companies and brands. So, have you ever wondered what the 3.2 billion people who make up today's global Internet population are doing online? Domo, business intelligence startup, has compiled some insane statistics. So here are the Top-15 statistics for the state of the Internet in 2015.

What happens on the Internet every minute?

YouTubers upload 300 hours of video. One year ago that number was only 72 hours.

Netflix subscribers stream nearly 80,000 hours of video.

Vine users view more than 1 million of those 8-second masterpieces.

BuzzFeed users watch more than 34,000 videos.

Instagrammers like more than 1.7 million photos.

Snapchat users send nearly 300,000 snaps.

Nearly 10,000 images are pinned on Pinterest.

Skype users make over 110,000 calls.

Facebook members Like more than 4.1 million posts.

Tweeters tweet more than 347,000 times.

More than 51,000 apps are downloaded from the App Store.

Amazon gets more than 4,300 unique visitors.

Uber passengers take nearly 700 rides.

Reddit users cast over 18,000 votes.

And finally, nearly 600,000 Tinder swipes take place.

These stats are things that happen every single second of every single day. These are staggering, and not many people have a real capacity to understand them fully. However, as we continually go more and more digital these numbers should continue to grow. We'll see.


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