Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Friday, 15 May 2015 00:00
Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

traditional advertising versus digital marketingTraditional advertising has worked for many years, but digital marketing has crept up and is now one of the biggest forms of auto advertising. The question becomes, 'What will give me the most bang for my buck?'


Well, there is no arguing with the statement that traditional marketing such as print ads puts the ad directly into the consumer's hands. However, there is no real way to track how many of those people come in to purchase a vehicle after seeing your print ad OR no real way to make sure they saw the ad in the first place. Think about it - how many times do you get a clump of "junk mail" and just throw the whole thing out? We've all done it. So, that is one of the many reasons why digital darketing has not-so-suddenly surpassed traditional marketing.

First of all, Digital Marketing, whether it be banner ads, paid google ads, social media or written content, can be measured. We can see exactly how many times our marketing messages were viewed and clicked on. So we know what works and what doesn't. The data makes it easy for us to optimize your advertising dollars and take advantage of what is working best. We love that because it perfectly emulates one of our core values: Embracing Change.

Andy1Digital Marketing is also much more cost-effective than traditional marketing. For example, a TV advertisement (TV commercials are of course a traditional form of marketing) during this past Super Bowl cost nearly four million dollars! Yes, the audience is vast and probably over 150 million people saw those ads, but you can reach just as large of an audience online through digital marketing but for A LOT less money. With digital marketing, dealers may pay a few cents for a click, a Facebook like, or an ad on Google's results page, so it is much more cost effective. And you get to market ONLY to your specific audience. If you want to make sure millennials age 18-24 see your message, then we can make that happen. Whereas with TV ads or any type of traditional ads, you "market to the masses." With digital marketing, if you wanted to target a specific group of people such as males, age 18-24, in San Fransisco, who have interests in NASCAR, hot air balloons, and frogs, then we could setup your marketing plan to reach those exact individuals. We think marketing your dealership to an exact demographic(s) is much more effective than marketing to the masses and hoping a few of those people are in your target demo.

Let us leave you with this. Digital marketing is the way the world is turning. Hardly anyone looks in the newspaper when they want to purchase a car anymore. Where do they go? The Internet. Face it: when was the last time you heard of a printed sales flyer going viral? You still need to maintain some of your traditional advertising plans, sure, but make room for iFrog Digital Marketing to take your dealership or auto group to the next level!

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