Top 10 Digital Marketing Terms You May Not Know

Friday, 07 August 2015 00:00
Top 10 Digital Marketing Terms You May Not Know

shutterstock 247134811To help you understand what it is that we do here at iFrog Digital Marketing we've compiled a list of the top ten words and phrases that we use on a daily basis and explained what they actually mean! Presenting, in no particular order, the Top 10 Words Used by Digital Marketers.


Click-Through Rate (CTR)
Much like impressions, CTR is another metric used to measure the effectiveness of digital advertising. CTR is often what marketers will look at next, after impressions. The CTR is actually a percentage you get when you divide the number of clicks on an ad by the number of impressions that ad has made. It depends on your industry, but an average range for the auto industry is anywhere from .01-8.0. That may seem low, but it has become the norm that even the best of marketers can't exceed.

Content Creation
Content creation is a huge part of our business. It is something we do on a daily basis. As a digital agency we create content in a variety of forms. Those forms could be written content such as this blog or a press release. Another form could be images or videos as our graphic design team produces images everyday with videos thrown in when needed. Content is what runs social media. As a business you need to have interesting, custom content in order for people to keep coming back to your brand for information.

Content Curation
You may have read this as Creation but it is in fact Curation and there is most certainly a difference between the two. Creation is explained above as custom content, but curation is simply finding information from a source and reposting it on your own social media page(s). The key to this, and the part that makes it allowable instead of plagiarism, is the fact that you don't make it appear as your own. You must give credit, and credit can simply be sharing a social post or posting a link to an article. That way viewers are able to see where you got it from. Curation is a process of sifting through inaccurate/uninteresting articles to find the valuable ones. It's all about creating value for your audience by saving them the time and effort of finding the article. Good content curation will bring more page likes, engagement, and reach.

Content Marketing
This term is basically described by combining the first two terms. A strategy is necessary to combine the two effectively in order to attract and retain customers for their brands. Content Marketers such as ourselves look to earn customer loyalty and influence decisions by providing useful, entertaining, or educational media.

It is simply a term used to describe when an ad is presented to a customer. Through Google Adwords and Analytics you can see which ads had the most impressions. These are the ads that were shown to a customer on any type of device. An impression does not require a click by the customer, it just simply has to appear in a viewable area on their screen. This is thought of as a key metric because even though customers may not click on something, it is still putting that brand into their brain. New companies who are trying to establish themselves will often put a high importance on impressions in order to get their name out there.

Paid Search
This is a term used to talk about Google Ads. These are the text ads you see at the top or the right side of the search results page. Here at iFrog Digital Marketing we run/manage paid search campaigns for any and all of our clients. We help word them so they are optimized for the best CTR possible.

Paid Social Media
This phrase is different from paid search because this takes place on social networks such as Facebook and YouTube. The most common are Facebook image ads with Facebook video ads closing the gap. Both of these ads are made to look like regular status updates in hopes that the CTR is higher and it has proven itself to work. YouTube pre-roll or video ads are another type of paid social media. Pre-roll is that short commercial you see before most YouTube videos. Sometimes you can "Skip" them after 5 seconds and some you can't. As an advertiser you can pay more to remove the skip button in order to have the viewer watch the entire ad. The biggest benefit to social media advertising in general is that it is extremely cost effective compared to traditional forms such as television or print ads.

It is a technique that allows marketers to target consumers who have already been to their website; hence the term retargeting. It is perhaps the smartest form of advertising because you already know they have an interest in your products or services. You may be wondering, 'How do they even know I was there?' It's actually quite simple. Anytime you go to a website, cookies are placed on your computer. As long as you don't clear your cookies, retargeting ads can and will follow you around.

URL Shrinkers
Have you ever seen a URL that didn't really look like a URL? It didn't have the classic .com or .net but it was still clickable? You may have been looking at a shrunken URL. The two main kind are and These tend to make people feel uneasy because it is usually made up of a bunch of random letters and numbers. The links honestly look like they could be viruses. However, it is just a way for marketers to cut a lengthy URL down to only 23 characters, which is much more manageable for social media posts — especially twitter.

User-Generated Content (UGC)
Finally, we come to User-Generated Content. This one is simple. When your car sales-person asks to take your picture next to your newly-purchased vehicle and then you see it later on that dealerships Facebook page, that is because we took it from the sales consultant's page and used it for our own page. UGC is often the best type of content because its raw and real. It shows real people using your product or service and gives other people the idea that if those people are happy with it then they will be too.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what we do as a digital advertising agency. Basically, we used to do these same things for one auto group as their in-house marketing team, but now we do it for many dealerships — and we love it.

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