iFrog Digital Marketing Social SellingAt its core all selling is inherently Social. I have worked with many great salespeople whose selling style was more logical and process driven than social. They did and some still do a great job with that approach. However, the shift toward a more social style of selling has been growing for years and is now forefront in the minds of our customers.

The bottom line in social selling is the idea of being helpful, and the only true measurement of that nebulous term is customer reviews. Are your customers merely content with the service they’ve received or are they truly appreciative of your efforts on their behalf. Do they perceive you as a true advocate for their best interests, or just another functionary at the dealership that happened to be closest to their home or job?

Here are some strategies for being more social with your customers:

     1) Offer a free carwash on their vehicles birthday: Sending them a personal birthday greeting is great but your        relationship with them pertains to their purchase not their personal life so maybe you could do both.

     2) Be aware of when their vehicle is in for service: This is a great way to stay in touch and make sure they are        still satisfied with their vehicle and the service they are receiving. Try not to do this through email, service is already        surveying them for that. Making personal contact with them while they are there is a much more powerful connection.

     3) Give them your Cell # - Some salespeople think that their time is their own and don’t want to be bugged by              customers after hours. They focus on the 10% fringe of customers that they think will constantly bother them with            frivolous demands. I have not found that to be the case. The few times my customers have contacted me after hours        they have had (at least in their minds) a valid issue or need. I always want to be available to answer that need.

4) Forward your Landline to your Cell: I found this to be one of the best ways to make sure I didn’t miss any calls. Some customers will not call your cell because they don’t want to bug you. If your desk phone forwards to your cell you will never miss an opportunity. If you are too busy or just don’t want to pick it up at that time you at least know they called and you can call them back as soon as you are able.

So, as you can see my interpretation of “Being Social” is closely related to “Being Responsive”. As a matter of fact, they are interchangeable terms in my mind. How can you respond to a customers needs if you are not aware of them? 

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