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Why Should I Use a Digital Media Agency?

Blog2You hear the talk within our industry as well as hear it about others. “If you are not taking advantage of the opportunities presented by ‘Digital Media’ you are losing out”. This has been proven numerous times and in numerous ways through surveys and statistics showing your customers are doing their research not only about your products or services but about your particular business online. They are doing this research before you even know they have an interest. Therefore, if you do not have a Digital Media Strategy already in place when they show up, it’s tough to catch up on the spot. Unfortunately, in many cases they have already begun a relationship with the business that was ready to help them through that investigative process. Opportunity lost, period.

Business owners tell us all the time that it is hard for them to devote full time employees to develop and execute their digital media campaigns due to uncertain ROI. That is a valid conversation. It is also why we do it for them. Digital Media is not just about Social Sites, it is about designing Sales Campaigns from a Social Perspective. Instead of yelling your message at your customers, you educate them. First with awareness, suggestions, and proof of your expertise in their area of need. Rather than relying solely on Social Sites to accomplish this, you should start with your website, carefully consider and track the effectiveness of your keywords, test the crawlability of your site by Google and other search engines, and many other factors. That really is the reason to hire a Digital Media Company to handle your Online Marketing Campaigns. It just isn’t cost effective for most dealers to handle all this “in house”.

Believe it or not, not doing anything with your Digital Identity is better than doing it wrong.  When dealers send messages that are inconsistent, unprofessional or create any other generally negative impression, it is very hard to fix. Digital Media only compounds your mistakes due to its ability to easily reach so many people, so very quickly.

When you look at the sales process your salespeople use to sell cars you can see the logic to it. You know certain steps have to be taken (and taken correctly) to close that sale at a profit. Digital Media is no different. It is just another strategy to attract customers and close sales, and it is just as important as the strategy you are using on your sales floor.

So, the only question is; do you actually have a Digital Strategy in place that effectively leads prospects to your store? If not, we can help!

iFrog Digital Marketing offers Reputation Management strategy and training for you and your staff. Let us show you why the lack of a cohesive Digital Strategy is the #1 problem overlooked by Dealerships.

-Steve Hills | iFrog Digital Marketing

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Digital Reality for Traditional Marketers

Digital RealityI’ve been in marketing for over 20 years - and not the marketing that most people read about in fancy publications (big agencies/multi-million dollar budgets).  I’m talking small-market to mid-market, marketing for businesses.  How to reach your customers in smaller towns, by smaller business owners.  In this marketing world, businesses are typically always 5-7 years behind (sometimes 10) implementation of new technologies or marketing strategies.  I don’t say that to be insulting, it’s just a reality.  If it’s big in marketingtoday… it will be catching on typically 5-7 years later in smaller markets.

There are many reasons that small businesses are slower to adopt changing technology and marketing opportunities.  Those reasons can be a) not enough manpower/resources to devote to it, b) too busy running business themselves (often small businesses are solo entrepreneurs) or c) don't understand it - so they ignore it.  There can be countless others, but these 3 are the most often ones I’ve heard.  What small to mid-size business owners need to embrace, understand, commit to and realizetodayis: you need to be thinking and executing a Digital Marketing Strategy - NOW.  

What is a digital marketing strategy?  A digital marketing strategy is the sum of all your digital footprints online & what you need to focus on with each: your website, your blog pages, your business listings, map locations, social media pages, review sites, videos, photos… this doesn't include all the countless opportunities and outlets you have in advertising online (which is another post altogether).  A digital marketing strategy is something every business owner today needs to immediately address.  What is your presence online?  What can you fix, what needs to be fixed, what trends are currently happening, what is relevant for your business now (in your market), what areas would you like to investigate and learn more about for next year?  

Today, people’s lives revolve around digital technology.  Yes, this may be a sad statement, but it’s true & will only become more so as more things we use on a day to day basis are born “connected” to the internet (think smart cars, fitbits, smart phones, tablets, Amazon Echo).  There is an entire generation now being born into connected technology - it’s all they will know.  We watch shows On Demand, on DVR, listen to Spotify, Pandora or Satellite Radio, read news through RSS feeds or news apps, book flights or reservations with our phones, video chat with people around the world, virtual and augmented reality is coming and more.  Businesses, no matter the size of the market they are in, can no longer dismissanything related to digitalas an afterthought.  The time to recognize and address your digital presence is now.  What will people find when they reach you in the digital world?  What have others been saying about you that the world can see, that you have not addressed?  Most businesses will consider digital marketing strategies for next year, but will cite one of the reasons above as to why they didn’t achieve that goal.  As next year comes to a close, they will look back and see they continued the same traditional marketing tactics as the previous year (with maybe some slight changes). 

This time of year, small and mid size businesses will start planning their annual marketing budgets, and all the traditional media vendors they’ve used over the previous year will start putting their presentations together in hopes to renew their contracts.  Today, these vendors have their own “digital platforms” that they additionally bundle with or sell separately from their main services.  Simply “buying time” from these vendors is often a “waste of time” as without the business owner realizing “I need to address the digital side of my business”, they are simply putting a band-aid on the issue (and wasting marketing dollars).

Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen digital creep into the traditional marketing world & the digital world is here to stay.  Businesses need to look at how they are spending their traditional marketing dollars to reach customers in their market & designate a significant portion of that budget now, to their digital presence.  Seems scary and intimidating - saying “we can’t cut that, or we can’t go dark there”.  The digital reality is, you have to do something… and now.  Make bringing your business up to date in the digital world a top priority.  Change is never easy, but the change tounderstanding the importance of digitalis essential to moving your business forward.

-Mark Leishear, iFrog Sales Director

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iFrog Digital Marketing Social SellingAt its core all selling is inherently Social. I have worked with many great salespeople whose selling style was more logical and process driven than social. They did and some still do a great job with that approach. However, the shift toward a more social style of selling has been growing for years and is now forefront in the minds of our customers.

The bottom line in social selling is the idea of being helpful, and the only true measurement of that nebulous term is customer reviews. Are your customers merely content with the service they’ve received or are they truly appreciative of your efforts on their behalf. Do they perceive you as a true advocate for their best interests, or just another functionary at the dealership that happened to be closest to their home or job?

Here are some strategies for being more social with your customers:

     1) Offer a free carwash on their vehicles birthday: Sending them a personal birthday greeting is great but your        relationship with them pertains to their purchase not their personal life so maybe you could do both.

     2) Be aware of when their vehicle is in for service: This is a great way to stay in touch and make sure they are        still satisfied with their vehicle and the service they are receiving. Try not to do this through email, service is already        surveying them for that. Making personal contact with them while they are there is a much more powerful connection.

     3) Give them your Cell # - Some salespeople think that their time is their own and don’t want to be bugged by              customers after hours. They focus on the 10% fringe of customers that they think will constantly bother them with            frivolous demands. I have not found that to be the case. The few times my customers have contacted me after hours        they have had (at least in their minds) a valid issue or need. I always want to be available to answer that need.

4) Forward your Landline to your Cell: I found this to be one of the best ways to make sure I didn’t miss any calls. Some customers will not call your cell because they don’t want to bug you. If your desk phone forwards to your cell you will never miss an opportunity. If you are too busy or just don’t want to pick it up at that time you at least know they called and you can call them back as soon as you are able.

So, as you can see my interpretation of “Being Social” is closely related to “Being Responsive”. As a matter of fact, they are interchangeable terms in my mind. How can you respond to a customers needs if you are not aware of them? 

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10 reasons to invest in digital marketingThe world is/has been going digital for years now, and if your dealership doesn't jump onboard then you'll surely be left behind.

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Did You Get Enough This Memorial Day?

GETENOUGH 2As a car dealership in a competitive world, you should never be satisfied. At least that is our philosophy when it comes to working hard for our clients.

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traditional advertising versus digital marketingTraditional advertising has worked for many years, but digital marketing has crept up and is now one of the biggest forms of auto advertising. The question becomes, 'What will give me the most bang for my buck?'

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adwords 625x515Earlier this week, Google held their second annual AdWords Performance Summit. This years talk brought several new product innovations that will enable marketers, like your team at iFrog, to be where your dealership's customers are now better than ever. 

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It takes a lot to run a business, large or small. Some things certainly may slip through the cracks, but one thing you don't want to forget about is expertly crafted graphic designs. There are several reasons for this, which we will lay out for you in this article.

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How Can LotLinx Help Your Dealership?

LotLinxBlog1If you're a car dealership and haven't heard of LotLinx, you absolutely need to read this.

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