Importance of Your Dealership's Website

Wednesday, 24 June 2015 00:00
Importance of Your Dealership's Website

ResponsiveiFrog1They say the numbers never lie; so what does that mean for your dealership? It means you better have a darn good website.

According to Google's latest auto shopper study, 95% of vehicle shoppers use the Internet to research before they purchase. This is an extremely high number, so having a great website is key. You likely don't have the chance to win customers over with customer service because if they don't find your website or aren't happy with it when they do find it, then they won't even come into your dealership. So here are some things to remember when creating and maintaining your dealership's website!

One of the most important things is having a design-responsive site. Responsive means that your site is able to change sizes for various platforms. This way it will look great whether your customers are on their phones, tablets, laptops or desktops. Furthermore, it will change on desktop/laptops depending on whether you have large or smaller windows open. Don't know if your site is responsive? There is one simple way to tell. Take your cursor and hover over the bottom right corner of your browser window. When you see the resize arrow appear you can click and drag it to make your window any size you want. A responsive website will constantly adapt to best fit the window. A non-responsive site will not. Beyond just looks, Google actually modified its algorithm to penalize sites that do not have a responsive design. The reason? Searches from mobile devices have officially exceeded 50% and now hold the majority. It may be unfair for Google to punish sites for this reason, but they basically have absolute power so you're going to want to make them happy. Google is like your boss; you may not like something they have to say, but you're going to do it anyway because, well, if you don't then it's going to be difficult to get anywhere.

Secondly, photo's are king in the auto world. The more photo's the better. We recommend that you have anywhere from 30-60 pictures of every car in your inventory. People online want to see any defects (this is especially true for pre-owned vehicles) as well as all the features. Be sure to show the interior and dashboard controls in great detail, as well as many different angles of the exterior. To really grasp this concept you have to forget about cars for a second. When you are purchasing something/anything online, don't you want to see exactly what you are getting before you click confirm? Additionally, if you can't tell exactly what condition something is on a particular website, do you pass and check out the next search result? Well as a dealership you don't ever want someone to "pass" on you, so make sure you have a high number of quality pictures on your website.

Finally, we think it's of the utmost importance for your website to stand out. We're starting to see too many dealers with Ford Direct,, and Cobalt websites. These websites are extremely generic and will NOT help you stand out. In fact, these website designs are like camouflage, they will help you blend in! Check out your competitors websites. Do they look very similar to yours? Truth is, they all look similar because there are a limited number of templates to base your design on. But with a Dealer E-Process website you have a near infinite number of possibilities! Plus Dealer E-Process has design-responsive sites, so it's a win-win! Any of those other sites don't even have a responsive option. So, make your website POP with a different design managed by your team at iFrog Digital Marketing.

In fact, let us help you do all of this! Digital Marketing is our passion. We strive to satisfy our clients. How do we do this? Easy. Make them money through digital advertising. We will take your plain website, bland social media pages and unappealing graphics on your display ads and turn them into money-makers! Give us the chance to earn your business and see for yourself.

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