iFrog Digital Marketing Featured in Auto News

Monday, 08 June 2015 00:00
iFrog Digital Marketing Featured in Auto News

Dave Wilson and Brent Durham Ifrog FoundersOur agency is quickly growing and people have noticed. Even those at the leading North American automotive business website — AutoNews.com!

We are very excited to have our young agency featured on such a high profile and well-respected website. Founded by Crain Communications Inc., Automotive News is the nation's most distinguished newspaper covering the automotive industry and is one of 27 Crain Comm publications. Our article, written by Vince Bond, brings to life all that we are doing and all that we have done for our clients! See our iFrog Digital Marketing Auto News Article by clicking the link.

It highlights our founding partners, Dave Wilson Sr. and Brent Durham, services we provide, and past successes we have had with the Preston Automotive Group. For example, Preston Ford has finished 4 of the past 6 years in the list of the Top 100 Ford Dealers in the Nation. Not to be biased, but much of that can be credited to the in-house marketing team that became the nucleus of iFrog Digital Marketing. It was even stated in the article that in the past three years most of Preston Auto Group's ad dollars have gone toward digital marketing instead of traditional marketing. We know where the audience is and we are advertising to them.

So, take it from us. If we can get a Ford Dealership that's in a town of 800 people to not only crack the Top 100 but get all the way to 72nd, then we can help your dealership too. No matter where your located in the US, see what we did and ask us how we can do that for you. We have a team in place that is eager to grow this agency. So give us a call today 410-673-8278.

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