How Can LotLinx Help Your Dealership?

Wednesday, 15 April 2015 00:00
How Can LotLinx Help Your Dealership?

LotLinxBlog1If you're a car dealership and haven't heard of LotLinx, you absolutely need to read this.

 And if you have heard of it but aren't utilizing it, you're doing yourself a disservice. LotLinx is a way to connect car shoppers to your website(s) that might not have ended up there otherwise. As a premier digital marketing agency, we want you to get the most traffic possible to your website, so we have the capability, through LotLinx, to connect car shoppers from your local area straight to your dealership website. It is a service where dealers, on average, saw 93% new prospects to their websites. LotLinx has even shown to move your inventory faster than ever before. In fact new cars sold 44% faster and used cars sold an incredible 58% faster!

Simply put, LotLinx partners with more than 130 third party sites in order to route shoppers directly to your vehicle pages. This way you get instant branding, meaning the customer gets your logo into their head - first. A big part of consumer research has to do with which brand/company can 'woo' them first. With LotLinx, your dealership will be the first thing car buyers in your area see. And once a customer is on your site they can browse to find any car they want. Let us handle the hard part of getting the traffic to your site. And with LotLinx there is no reason to worry about BOTs. Non-human visits to your websites are costly and can inflate your digital marketing costs by 50% or more. But LotLinx is able to detect BOTs and will not charge you for "BOT traffic."

If you don't see why you need this for your dealership yet, then how about this: LotLinx reaches 62 million car shoppers. And the best part is you still retain 100% of the control! That's right, there are no contracts. Don't think LotLinx is working for your dealership? You can call up and terminate your service anytime - but something tells us you'll be pleasantly surprised in its capabilities. Simply put, LotLinx is the ultimate automobile shopper targeting platform. So, harness the power of LotLinx by calling iFrog Digital Marketing today!


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