Google AdWords Adapting to Mobile Takeover

Friday, 08 May 2015 00:00
Google AdWords Adapting to Mobile Takeover

adwords 625x515Earlier this week, Google held their second annual AdWords Performance Summit. This years talk brought several new product innovations that will enable marketers, like your team at iFrog, to be where your dealership's customers are now better than ever. 

And where your customers are is on their mobile devices. As announced at the Summit, mobile search has officially surpassed desktop in more than 10 countries including the US and Canada.

At the Summit, Jerry Dischler, VP of Product Managemtent, talked a lot about "Moments." You can see the entire AdWords Live Stream by clicking the link. He spoke about I want-to-know, I want-to-go, I want-to-do, and I want-to-buy moments. The I want-to-know and I want-to-buy moments are particularly interesting to us in the Automotive Marketing field. Dischler explained a moment as basically this: Anytime somebody is doing some activity – baking cookies, fixing a car, or trying on shoes – and they go to their phone for help or the answer. This is happening All. The. Time. The actual statistic reads: 91% of people "google" something while in the middle of a task. That is nearly 100%! So, here's some of their new product innovations and how it can help the Automotive Industry.

google adwords product innovations

First of all, the Ad Experience will be completely different. Later this year, if you were to search for a vehicle on Google you will get a carousel of images to scroll through, which will already be more aesthetically pleasing than the boring listed results that would come up now. So, already the customers are looking at something more engaging. Now they will be able to click on an image to get more information such as MPG and amount of horsepower. Once clicked on, they will be able to search for nearby dealers. So, as you can see this is going to be a big deal, and we as a digital marketing agency will embrace the change in order to give our clients the best results possible!

Secondly, Dischler talked about Scale & Automation. In the coming months, we will be able to utilize automation to capture moments at scale. What does that mean exactly? Well, basically it will be easier to decide what, where, and when to place ads. We will be able to say 'when this type of car is searched, then place our ad here' and we can automate that to happen every time. At the Summit, Google introduced a new reporting dashboard that provides more transparency and gives the marketer more control. There will also be something called Dynamic Search Ads. In laymen's terms, whenever a certain category is searched, you can automatically set your ad to show. Both of these advancements will be tremendous, but both will only be out later this year.

The final and potentially most important new product innovation will be giving marketers the ability to measure results over several different platforms. It is true, 50% of auto related searches happen on mobile devices. However, it is also true that car buyers spend up to 15 hours online researching, comparing, and learning about their car before they're purchasing. And not all of that happens on mobile. So, our point (and Google's for that matter) is that marketers needed a way to track impression and conversion rates across platforms – Desktop, Tablets, Cell Phones, etc. That is why Google has brought forward AdWords Attribution and Cross-Device Conversion. As marketers, we will now have the power to select an attribution model for each conversion type, and, like previously stated, will be able to see how a consumer utilizes different devices to arrive at a purchase.

These are all very new innovations, and some that haven't even come out yet. However, at iFrog Digital Marketing, we are ready to embrace the changes and utilize them to our clients' advantage – just as it states in our core values.

People are having these I want-to-buy moments all over the world – will your dealership be there?

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