4 Steps to a Successful Social Media Giveaway Contest

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 00:00
4 Steps to a Successful Social Media Giveaway Contest

WINNERWant to gain likes on your Dealership's Facebook page? How about get more engagement on your posts? A giveaway or contest is a great way to do just that.

People always want something for free. If there is some type of benefit for the customer then they are more likely to do something for your business. Follow us, as we think there are 4 simple steps to execute the perfect Social Media Giveaway Contest.

Step One: Plan It Out

Every detail needs to be planned out within your organization before you present it to the public. These details may include outlining official rules (like we discuss below), terms and conditions, figuring out exactly what will be given away and in some cases partnerships with other businesses. For instance, the Preston Automotive Group worked with the Delmarva Shorebirds to conduct a ticket giveaway contest. The Shorebirds are a Single-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, and they ran a six week giveaway campaign with Preston Auto Group. Every week fans of the two Facebook pages played a simple guessing game and those who guessed correctly were entered to win 4 tickets for an upcoming game. It was planned very well by both organizations and that made for a successful six week contest!

Step Two: Outline Goals/Rules of the Giveaway

You need to do have goal(s) or some reason for running the giveaway. Various reasons could include gaining likes on your Facebook page, engagement on your posts or online customer reviews. For example, we are currently running a 4-night Cruise Giveaway for one of the Preston Automotive Group Dealerships. If that dealership, Millsboro Automart, receives 7500 likes before a certain date they are giving away the cruise to one of those lucky "likers". That is the dealerships goal — to gain Facebook page likes.

You also need to make sure you outline the rules clearly, so there is no confusion with your customers when it comes time to actually choose a winner. Be sure to include all pertinent information such as contest dates, what you win, how to enter, how many entries allowed (if applicable) and more. The most successful giveaways are the ones that are the most transparent. Let the consumer know exactly what needs to be done and when you'll be picking the winner and ultimately follow through with your aforementioned timeframe. If you don't follow through it will actually have a negative effect on your dealership or business.

Step Three: Launch the Giveaway with Top-Notch Content

No matter how good the prize is, if people aren't aware of it then it will fail. So, upon the launch make sure you plaster first-rate content everywhere — social pages, website banners and everywhere else you can think of. Make your reach as wide as you can to get the best results possible. As for our Millsboro Client, we created a social image, Facebook cover photo and website banners that all linked back to their Facebook page. Utilize words and phrases such as GIVEAWAY, CONTEST ALERT and ENTER HERE. Strong call-to-actions like those will grab peoples attention and post better results.

Step Four: End Sweepstakes and Measure Results

Remember those goals you had when you launched the contest? Well, now you'll want to go back and measure the results versus your goals. Some results will be easy to measure. For instance, if your contest was based on liking your Facebook page then you will obviously see how many likes you gained during the contest period. Some results will be harder to measure and interpret. Likes, comments, and shares (engagement) are harder to interpret because you'll get numbers but you may not have anything to compare them to. Even though some methods will be more difficult to interpret, it doesn't mean they didn't work. Any type of increased engagement is usually good for your brand. So, measure what you can but know that it all won't necessarily be measurable.

As you can see, running a successful social media giveaway contest takes more than a great prize. Your dealership must realize all it entails and be ready to kill it. Using these four steps as a guide should help you, but don't forget to be as creative as possible!

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