Did You Get Enough This Memorial Day?

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 00:00
Did You Get Enough This Memorial Day?

GETENOUGH 2As a car dealership in a competitive world, you should never be satisfied. At least that is our philosophy when it comes to working hard for our clients.

Memorial Day Weekend is always a big weekend for car dealerships, and we want to know if you got enough pieces of the pie this past weekend? Did you change and adapt your message to embrace the holiday weekend? How 'bout trying out Facebook video ads and YouTube pre-roll advertising? All of these are ways you could have potentially gotten more market share this past weekend. So, it's too late to go back now, but iFrog Digital Marketing can implement all these strategies and more to help your future sales campaigns! And even if you are happy with the amount of sales you got this weekend, we want you to keep your sales going through the rest of the month, rest of the summer, and rest of the year!

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One major thing is to personalize the marketing message. For our one client we had the message as the May Tent Event from May 1st - May 17th. Then we switched over to the Memorial Day Sales Event from May 18th - May 31st. We switched all the logos, banner ads, Facebook ads, paid search ads, and all Facebook and Google+ cover photos to reflect the Memorial Day message. It's a lot of work, but we only give our clients the best work possible. If your marketing team is not capitalizing on major US Holidays like Memorial Day, then we think it's time you consider using iFrog Digital Marketing!

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One of our capabilities is creating and running pre-roll ads on YouTube videos. You know the ones — the video ads that play before certain YouTube videos. Some think they're annoying and usually opt for the skip button; however, I'm sure you've found yourself letting some play all the way through because they are interesting to you in some way. And either way — whether your entire ad gets viewed or not — your brand will be fresh in those consumer's heads. We will implement these pre-roll ads for your dealership. They can be targeted to play on certain types of videos, for certain demographics, for certain geographic locations, and much more. This is a fairly new form of auto advertising, so catch your competition sleeping and jump on video pre-roll wagon — it's going places where you want to be.

We will also manage your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more! Our Graphic Designers will create high quality images for our Social Media Strategists to post on Facebook. We also started running video ads on Facebook for our current clients. Facebook video ads are nice because they don't necessarily appear to be an ad sometimes. If done right, they are just like any other video you see scrolling through your news feed. Facebook video ads play automatically, have strong metrics to tell you how many times they were viewed, and are proven to work better than regular Facebook ads.

So, when we ask 'Did you get enough?' this past weekend, we think your answer should always be: No. Unless your current marketing team is doing what we're doing, then you could have had more sales and more buzz around your dealership. We want you to keep the momentum going through the end of the month — and ultimately through the end of the year. Fourth of July is the next big car-sales weekend, so be sure to check out all our capabilities and contact us to see exactly what we can do for you!

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