Are Your Ads Being Viewed? How to get real ROI

Wednesday, 03 June 2015 00:00
Are Your Ads Being Viewed? How to get real ROI

Online Ad ViewabilityThere is an old saying that you've probably heard, "If a tree falls in the woods and there is nobody to hear it, does it make a sound?" Well, our COO and Founding Partner, Brent Durham, adapted that quote for the advertising world.

He says, "If an Ad is on the Internet and nobody is there to see it, does it make a sale?" The answer to both questions is no, but the consequences of both "no's" are entirely different. It doesn't really matter if the tree makes noise or not, but if you are paying your Advertising Agency to run ads for you, your expectation is that they are being viewed. You wouldn't pay money for advertisements if they aren't being viewed, right? Ask your current Digital Marketing Team if they are tracking Viewability or Viewable Impressions. If they give you a confused look in person or an awkward pause over the phone, then you might want to check into iFrog Digital Marketing.

Viewability, as defined by Google, is a measure of whether or not an ad had a chance to be seen by a user. It's definition is straightforward, but it wasn't always able to be tracked — until now. With Google's Active View we can measure, on an impression-by-impression basis, whether or not an ad was viewed. Advertisers like us will know exactly how many times a creative ad was seen, making it easier to understand the true impact of their client's campaigns. We can do this for both display and video advertisements, as well.

We also selectively target our client's ads to certain demographics. With our partnerships, we have the capability to target by gender, age, location, previous pages viewed, and hundreds of other metrics. This is especially true for Facebook Display and Video ads. Facebook is an interesting animal because billions of people just willingly give up so much information about themselves. It's great for marketers because we can target a specific demographic very easily. However, we can't be there to bid on every advertising spot on the Internet (on Facebook or eslewhere), so we've implemented Programatic Buying. The term covers a wide range of technologies that have begun automating the buying, placement and optimization of advertising. This way guarantees that the correct people get targeted even if they're not part of the overall demographic we're hoping to hit with our ads.

We also run pre-roll ads on YouTube. You know those advertisements that precede most YouTube videos? Well we have the capabilities to run those for our clients. Don't think they work because you think people always choose the skip option? Well, we know they work and Google even backs us up. A stat from "Think With Google" states that YouTube video ads are viewed 91% across all platforms. The number is even higher on mobile — 94%! You should know that in order for it to count as a view it must be in the field of view for a minimum of two seconds. You may think that isn't enough time to be effective, but we'd argue that two seconds is enough time to get the brand image in someones head. It's all about being fresh in consumer's minds, and we think video pre-roll accomplishes that.

We would love to help you and your dealership out. We will get your ads viewed and start converting more customers. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call. Our new office number is 410-673-8278. We look forward to talking to you about your dealership's success!

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