Video Pre-Roll advertising is a great way to maximize video marketing strategies. Since Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, it is a go to for video marketing. Many business owners have the misconception that because you can skip through the video advertisements, it is not a viable medium to advertise on. However, with video pre-roll you only pay for when a viewers watches the whole video.

Video Advertising Stats:

  • Video ad format has had exponential growth with mobile leading the way
  • Most people retain 95% of the message in a video
  • Decision Makers prefer video over text
  • Increases conversion
  • It’s cheap!

Whether you want to promote your latest TV commercial, Why Buy Here video, special message, or other video content; our team makes sure that we target the correct audience that is interested or in the market to buy or service a vehicle. Video Pre-roll truly completes a consistent branding experience.

Video Pre-Roll is a top of the sales funnel type of digital marketing. This type of advertising is just like other paid search advertising except you get to use richer media in order to start a new buying experience, increase brand awareness, or to introduce a new message to you potential customer. Not to mention that these video campaigns are cheap compared to traditional TV ad buys.

To learn more about how implementing a video advertising strategy can help generate more traffic and leads to your website, contact us today.


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