Search Engine Marketing or Paid Search is an element that every dealership should take full advantage of. Paid Search advertising generates qualified traffic to your website when SEO isn't enough. The greatest part of this strategy is the precision that you can serve ads. As your campaigns perform over time we tweak your paid search presence to fully complement your SEO strategies. Showing up at the right time to your audience shows that you are the authority on the subject they are searching for, not your competitors.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all search engines have the ability for you to push ads that are relevant, custom, and up to date to your shoppers at the exact moment they are searching. These highly qualified leads give you a much better return on investment compared to third party lead providers. As a matter of fact, we are against third party lead providers. We are confident that we can produce enough leads that convert to sales through paid search that you will never have to purchase a third party lead again.


All campaigns that we create are custom and from scratch. We make sure that your ads all convey current information, each ad is branded to your dealership, and that they show up where you want to them to, above your competition. Don’t forget that you only pay for clicks, so no dollar amount is ever wasted. We make sure that your campaigns are adjusted daily, we are not like other agencies that will “set it and forget it”.

Learn more about how paid search can really boost quality traffic to your website. Get more leads and contact us today.

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