When we were first introduced with the LotLinx online solution for our dealerships we knew that it would be a game changer. For those auto dealers who have not heard of LotLinx let us introduce this great product.

The LotLinx mission is to connect car shoppers from your local area straight to your dealership website. No middlemen, middleware, or convoluted process involved in making the connection – instead, we provide direct access for shoppers of your auto makes and models and allow them to engage with you directly across a multitude of automotive sites. Simply said, LotLinx is the ultimate Automobile Shopper Targeting Platform.

LotLinx Facts updated

Simply put, LotLinx partners with over 130 third party sites in order to bring in market shoppers straight to your vehicle detail pages. So you get instant branding for your dealership and you present your inventory better than your competitors on each third party site. What we really love about this program is that once a customer comes to your site, they can then browse your entire inventory. This is by far the cheapest advertising you can get online for your inventory.

We could go on and on with a lengthy sales pitch on why you need the LotLinx Deeplinking technology but we will keep it to the facts and our own experience with the online program.


  • On average, dealers saw 93% new prospects to their websites
  • New cars sold 44% faster & used cars sold 58% faster
  • Cost per sale was less than $108
  • 80% lower cost than paid search campaigns
  • $3.99 for each unique shopper delivered to your website’s vehicle detail pages
  • You are 100% in control
  • LotLinx currently reaches 62 million car shoppers
  • 13.6 million shoppers come through LotLinx with 39.4 million VDPs viewed
  • Year-Over-Year Growth
  • 6x more car shoppers
  • 2.3x more searchers
  • 2.3x more VDP views

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