Remarketing and Retargeting are two words to describe the same form of advertising. Basically said, this a form of digital advertising allows you to connect with customers who previously visited your website. Cookies track which pages and products the customers viewed so that you can serve them special relevant display and search ads in order to drive them back to your website and convert.

This is how you see ads around the web, including on your social media sites, or products that you search and viewed while online shopping. This is a great technique to keep your brand top of mind and to convey messages about the product that your customers may not have been aware of. The power of remarketing allows you to show that you are the authority on your brand, speak directly to shoppers who have visited your website with custom message(s), and re engage your customers without having to spend a ton of money.

Our creative teams are constantly testing ad copy in order to maximize click through results. We strongly feel that using this advertising tool will grow your brand and increases website leads. We have had major success using this form of advertising for our dealerships.

Complete a strong web presence and get the most out of your existing web traffic by placing your dealership, products and services back in front of your customers to increase leads from your website. Contact us today for more information.

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