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DigMarkBubbleDo you ever wonder why your sales fall flat and there is no excitement in your showroom or online? It could be that your marketing message is failing. A great marketing message is the most important component when you want to sell more vehicles or increase service revenue. We can create, consult, and manage your marketing message for your store or stores and make sure that they are consistently executed across all advertising channels.

We plan the marketing message at least a month prior to launching in order to ensure the message coincides with manufacturer messages and to plan the details of the message. We then make sure we incorporate the message on your website, social media, mobile, written content, display/ search advertising, and any print advertising that you may do. Keeping it consistent across all channels, including TV and radio, will create familiarity, reduce confusion, and more importantly build your brand.

At iFrog Digital Marketing we make this process very easy so that you can go back to being in the front lines moving the metal and servicing vehicles. We keep you informed at every step along the way so as we build the marketing message and strategy you don’t miss a beat. Together we will own your market.

Work with us today and let's roll out a marketing strategy that will put your competion where they should be, below your dealership in the sales rankings. For more information contact us today.

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