In the Beginning – Move the Metal

Founding partner, Dave Wilson, owned and operated his first Ford Dealership in 1981. As a new Ford dealer his main focus to drive customers to his dealership in the small town of Preston, MD was to use effective marketing. With only traditional advertising and marketing tools at his disposal, he was able to quickly turn Preston Ford into a top competing Ford dealership in his region (notably breaking the Top 100 Ford Dealership in the Nation before the internet surge).

Fast forward to 2009, Dave made a commitment to drive Internet business for his Automotive Group and become a real contender. He brought in other iFrog Digital Marketing Founder, Brent Durham, to head up his Internet initiative. Over the next couple of years they were able to break sales records, grow a strong Internet presence, and master the basics of Automotive Digital advertising and marketing.

After working with several other Automotive Digital Advertising and Marketing Agencies, they decided to bring everything in house. Doing so allowed them the freedom to take their digital advertising and marketing to a whole new level and resulted in the best year over year sales increases in the history of Preston Automotive Group. This led to the creation of iFrog Digital Marketing in order to help automotive dealerships beat their competition and so that both Brent and Dave could pursue their passion of advertising and marketing.

Why iFrog Digital Marketing?

We have been built from within the dealership environment. We know what works and what doesn’t. We will never ask you to spend money where you will not benefit the most because we understand the importance of budgets and doing more with less. You know that you will get results when you choose iFrog Digital Marketing because we have already done the testing on our own dealerships.

We continue to test daily and modify daily. We feel this is what really differentiates us from our competition. Daily we are working to be cutting edge in our own stores and this gets passed right along to our clients.

What Services We Offer

We offer a series of services and capabilities that have shown real results for our dealerships within Preston Automotive Group. If you want a service not listed, we have no problem working with you to get results with said service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with proven results through creativity, processes and strategies that work, talented employees, and experience. Our customers will recognize us not only by our performance capabilities but also by our superior customer service. We always focus on the marketing activities that our customers desire; we are highly motivated and strive to gain and keep a competitive advantage over our customer’s competition as well as our own.

Our Core Values

Our core values allow our company to grow with our customers. They cultivate solid knowledgeable employees who love to work for our company. Satisfied employees give birth to satisfied customers. We are not your typical Automotive Advertising and Marketing Agency; we are the future.

  1. To Serve our Clients
  2. Embrace Change
  3. Creativity
  4. Do More with Less
  5. Connect & Network
  6. Kaizen
  7. Communication
  8. Take Pride in Your Work
  9. Attention to Detail

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